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Dear Applicant,

Shaadi Team's diversity thought starts with developing an environment that is inclusive of all employees. Individual differences present us with opportunities to examine business issues from a variety of perspectives. Incorporating these different viewpoints gives us greater agility and creativity.

The result is a team integrated by common goals and made stronger by uncommon outlooks. At Shaadi I believe that such an environment is necessary to effectively compete on a global scale. Valuing diversity by using effective communication skills and demonstrating mutual respect is simply good business.

We are dedicated to realizing our diversity thought through our daily business practices with our presence across the country. Diversity has enriched our business strategy in every sphere right from client servicing & enhancing requirements for our consumers. It has helps in promoting the underlying themes of tolerance and respect.

Our business demands us to be sensitive to the innate belief system of the community in order for us to manage our customers better. We have always kept our arms to individuals of varied backgrounds to ensure we add maximum value to the system.

We make every effort to attract, invest in, and develop the talents of a diverse group of people who reflect the society and community in which we live. We welcome and support people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, and religions, and seek to foster teamwork and effective partnerships among our employees.

Work culture & Training
Work culture & Training At Shaadi work culture is open and dynamic enabling employees to take initiatives in jobs with an active support of the top management. Employees are assigned responsibility at the earlier stages of their career contributing significantly to their skill development and growth.

Our culture provides every team member has an opportunity to grow with:-

Employee Empowerment

Immensely enjoy the challenges and learning that comes with the job at Whether it is working on end-to-end solutionsin business development, product based developments. We also acknowledge that the company has a very open culture, that their opinions do count, and that it encourages high levels of initiative and empowerment of both individuals and teams.

Personal and professional development

We ensure that you have the opportunity to work in each department to understand the overall working of the organization. Overall growth in always consider for each employee keeping in mind the career path he would want to take.

Friends at work

The friendly workplace and great teamwork make for a winning combination.

Top Management Support

Our work culture is open and dynamic enabling employees to take initiatives in jobs with an active support of the top management.

Transparency in Decision Making

At Shaadi, performance is paramount. We have extensive measurement systems and incentive schemes to identify and encourage performance. Rewards, promotions and growth opportunities are based on performance.

Real-time, interactive communication supports an open culture by allowing employees to express themselves on a wide variety of topics through IP Switch, an interactive tool on the intranet where employees can have a dialogue with one another. Shaadi Team has used this tool to make their voice heard on several subjects and solve problems by chatting with other team members.

Our Training
We provide a variety of training programs designed to support employee knowledge and skills development at every stage of his learning curve. These programs are designed to help our workforce perform productively and effectively in current job roles as well as prepare employees for future challenges.

On average, employees complete at least one week of formal internal training at the time of joining. We offer a variety of technical, professional, and personal development training through a dedicated team. Training ensure that the new recruit has an opportunity to get understand the role of each department.